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Crystal therapy.



Siobhan is an accredited crystal therapist for over 13 years with a huge knowledge of a wide range of crystals.

Crystal Healing is a safe, very relaxing, non invasive and gentle treatment; where crystals are placed on the body in certain positions, i.e., on or near the human energy field (aura), otherwise known as chakras.  Vibrating energy waves are constantly and continuously drawing in and releasing vibrations through openings in the aura.


Crystals, when brought into contact with the human body’s chakra points, can work to support healing and balancing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. 

People have been using crystals and stones as healing tools for centuries with incredibly effective results for pain, tiredness, stress, anxiety, etc.  Science has proven that everything in the universe has its own vibrational frequency. 

Crystals for all health and life enhancements.

Crystals are used around the home, work, worn on the body, drank as elixirs etc. for health, to enhance love, energise the body, bring peace and harmony, etc.

Healing crystals or stones vibrate at different frequencies and thus each gem will resonate beneficially with certain objects or beings in the universe.

Placing a compatible crystal within a specific energy field can balance the energy in and around that area of the body or object.  Balancing the energy fields allows healing etc. to occur.

Please note that using crystals without knowledge of their vibrational status Or not clearing their negative energy could bring ill health and unbalance into your life.


Dr. Siobhan can guide you on purchasing the ideal starter crystal or pack for self healing and clearing your environment. 

Only €70 per session (Crystal healing can be a once off or ongoing therapy for a lifetime of Health, Peace and Balance.  there is a sliding scale of €50 for a second and €40 for a third or future visits).

This cost includes a full detailed training on the care of crystals as energy sources; clearing, energising and programming your crytals.

Distance Healing available on request. 

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