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Reiki therapy


Siobhan is a Reiki Master and an expert at channeling Reiki for the highest good and health of others.

Reiki is a safe, very relaxing, non-intrusive, gentle but powerful hands-on healing technique.  It is generally used to promote healing and help restore balance and harmony to the whole body and soul. 

You will remain relaxed on a bed/chair and Reiki energy will enter your energy field (aura), otherwise known as chakras. 


Alternatively an area of pain or illness will be worked on. 


Vibrating energy waves are constantly and continuously drawing in and releasing vibrations to promote health and wellbeing.


Clients have often suggested that 'Reiki is better than a mini holiday'.

Only €70 per session (Reiki healing can be a once off or ongoing therapy for a lifetime of Health, Peace and Balance.  there is a sliding scale of €50 for a second and €40 for a third or future visits).

Distance Healing available on request. 

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