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Relaxing Reiki for Rejuvenation


This treatment is beyond the usual amazing healing from Reiki therapy.  Allow your Mind, Body and Spirit heal through pure relaxation and calm.  This is 60 minutes of pure luxury!


Siobhan is a Reiki Master and an expert at channelling Reiki for the highest good and health of others.

Reiki is a safe, very relaxing, non-intrusive, gentle but powerful hands-on or intentional healing technique.  It is generally used to promote healing, pain free, stress free and help restore balance and harmony to the whole mind, body and soul. 

You will remain relaxed sitting on a comfortable chair, surround yourself with warm blankets and you can even submerge your feet in an energised healing foot bath.

Reiki energised intentions will be sent into your energy field (aura), otherwise known as chakras.  Vibrating energy waves are constantly and continuously drawing in and releasing vibrations to promote health, wellbeing and pure relaxation.

This is beyond relaxation!

Only €70 per session (Reiki healing can be a once off or ongoing therapy for a lifetime of Health, Peace and Balance.  there is a sliding scale of €50 for a second and €40 for a third or future visits).

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