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Natural Weight Management

Twelve years ago, September 2009, I was sent a photo of myself at my son's Christening and I was shocked by my sad face and very unwell body shape. I rarely looked in a mirror and I had shied away from photos of myself; I had been hiding from the truth of my lack of wellbeing.


I first changed my breakfast to a more balanced and wholesome start to my day and the first thing I noticed was my smile returned, then my energy was unbelievable, and I began to notice I was changing shape and dropping dress sizes as you can see in the picture.  I felt amazing and everyone began to call me and pop up for a chat, with their conversation always focused on my ‘newfound’ wellness. 


I immediately started telling my friends and family about my results and they in turn wanted help in nutrition advice.

We are currently running:


Offline body fat and metabolism testing sessions.

Online 6 week Nutrition advice and Better Body Challenge (Starting Monday 15th November at 7.15pm on Zoom).

21 day weight loss challenge (Facebook)


We also support you 100% online with our customer WhatsApp page, facebook customer page, Discount member activation zoom, Rachel Allen cookalongs, online and offline skin parties, etc.


Join in the Fun today.


It could be the best decision you will ever make :-)

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